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THM Announces "Behind the Scenes" History Tours

Have you ever wondered how members of a large supporting cast manage to put their makeup on before a show at the Valentine Theatre? Or what a star’s dressing room looks like backstage? How many times have you driven past Camp Miakonda on Sylvania Avenue and wondered what goes on there and what’s the story of the camp’s past? How about Woodlawn Cemetery? Ever wondered who’s buried there and what stories they took with them? Well, you’re not alone and the Toledo History Museum’s new “Behind the Scenes Tours of Toledo” will answer all of your questions.

The “Behind the Scenes Tours of Toledo” will take you behind the scenes for a fee of $5.00 for Toledo History Museum members and $10.00 for non-members. You will hear the insider stories and learn how the magic happens at unique and historic venues throughout the Toledo area.

“This is one way of reaching out to people who don’t want to come into a museum but have an interest in local history,” said Eric Wagner, Chairman of the Toledo History Museum’s Programming Committee. “We’ll provide our expert guides to show people these places in ways they’ve never experienced before and afterward we’ll find a place to get together for an “afterglow” to discuss what we learn.”

The first “Behind the Scenes” tour takes place on Saturday, March 11 at the Valentine Theatre. The tour starts at 4:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased online here. An “afterglow” get-together will take place at Georgio’s on Superior Street after the tour. On average, tours last from 90 minutes to two hours. Tour attendance will be limited to 50 people.

“These tours are designed to be fun and very social. Local history does not have to be dull or boring—there is so much more to history than reading a book,” Wagner said. “We want people to really dive into our local history and enjoy the experience in a social setting with friends and family.”

Other “Behind the Scenes Tours are being arranged, including: Camp Miakonda on September 16th at 10:00 am and Woodlawn Cemetery on October 28 at 4:00 pm. Watch our events page for more information.